Turtles at Mabul Island

  Video of turtles and other marine life at Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo. Shot using an Isaw A3 Extreme in November 2013.

Multi-coloured Chicks

  We spotted these colourful chicks for sale at a market in Semporna, Malaysian Borneo. We were told that the baby chickens are dyed as a sales tactic (which doesn’t really make sense to me). If you know of another explanation, please post a comment below.

T Hotel, Tawau Video Review

  Our video un-boxing of a standard queen bedroom at the T Hotel, Tawau, Malaysia. Positives Most visitors use Tawau as a stop over destination before heading to Semporna or the islands nearby. For a place to rest your head for the night, the price was great. The staff were friendly and helpful. The hotel is near to the bus …