Video of Tune Hotel, Georgetown, Penang

Video of our double room at the Tune Hotel, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.

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  • Our room was always cleaned upon request, with sheets changed and the bathroom given a quick once over.
  • The Barrista Cafe on the first floor (next to the reception area) served a small selection of breakfast and snack items. We chose to eat breakfast here most mornings due to price, fabulous service and well cooked food, thanks to the Bangladeshi gentleman who always served us.
  • Our room was well priced, giving us more of our daily budget to spend on Penang’s superb cuisine and sightseeing.


  • The hotel was a bit of a walk from locations such as Chulia Street, Fort Cornwallis, Little India, Gurney Drive and Wat Chayamangkalaram and Dharmikarama. We did however enjoy our daily walks and ended up seeing more than we would have if we had used buses, taxis or trishaws to get around.
  • During our time at Tune, the 8th floor (where we were staying) was being refurbished. Most days after 10am there was constant and very loud banging of doors. After asking staff to keep the noise down as we were trying to work, the noise actually got louder. We asked reception and it was simply confirmed that yes, there was some activity on that floor with no effort made to appease our dissatisfaction.
  • There must have been over twenty screw holes in the wall in our bedroom, scuff marks all over the walls and a bathroom that needed a good steam clean. We did understand this, especially as we knew there was working being done on any unoccupied rooms on the same floor. (It does baffle me that floor 8 wasn’t just sectioned as “off limits” so the work could be done quickly and without hassle to paying guests, like ourselves).
  • No television. If we were in Georgetown for two or three days, I wouldn’t have minded, but given we spent ten days in total, it would have been better to at least have had the option to pay for a television (as with most other Tune Hotels).
  • Bad Wi-Fi. The internet access at Tune Hotel may as well have been non existent. We chose not to pay and instead purchased a SIM card and added enough credit to ensure we had internet access. We resolved the problem, but again, this seemed unusual given the quality and provision of services we received at other Tune Hotels.

YTandoori chicken and naan at Yasmeen Restaurant, 177 Jalan Penang, Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Yasmeen is THE place to go for the most delicious Tandoor Chicken and Naan (fresh cooked in a tandor oven street side). We are considering re-visiting Georgetown, the main reason: this dish! (Yasmeen Restaurant – 177 Jalan Penang) All this for 8RM!!

In Our Opinion
We enjoyed our stay in Georgetown, Penang and found the Tune Hotel was a good a base. However, if we were to return to Georgetown, we would prefer to stay on Chulia Street, closer to Chinatown and Little India, better food stalls and restaurants. The slamming of doors and general demeanour of staff didn’t appeal and after staying at other Tune Hotels, I was rather disappointed with the quality of services. Georgetown offers plenty to see and do for a few days up to a week, we found ourselves totally in love with the food. I would love to sneak back for some more Naan and Tandoori Chicken from Yasmeen (as shown in the above picture), more banana leaf cuisine at Passions of Kerala (great food at an unbelievable price) and authentic Chinese food from Tek Sen (queue, it really is worthwhile). The best bits for me, food, food, more food and cheap accommodation.

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