Turtles at Mabul Island

  Video of turtles and other marine life at Mabul Island, Malaysian Borneo. Shot using an Isaw A3 Extreme in November 2013.

Snorkelling at Sipadan Island

  Video highlights of our snorkelling day trip to Sipadan Island in November 2013. While the weather and visibility were not in our favour, it was still an unforgettable day. And if any divers tell you that it’s a waste of time to snorkel Sipadan, just point them to this video! Shot with an ISaw A3 Extreme camera. More information …

Multi-coloured Chicks

  We spotted these colourful chicks for sale at a market in Semporna, Malaysian Borneo. We were told that the baby chickens are dyed as a sales tactic (which doesn’t really make sense to me). If you know of another explanation, please post a comment below.