Where shoes go to die in Koh Samui

Wandering around Ban Chaweng in Koh Samui, we stumbled upon a very interesting shoe shop. Selling new and second-hand leather shoes and countless pairs of trainers including the biggest collection of Converse Sneaker Shoes we’ve ever seen – some in a better condition than others.

Where Converse go to die (or be reincarnated)


Got my size?

As we perused the mountains of shoes on offer, we found a bargain bin overflowing with ripped, torn and well-worn shoes – some literally falling apart.

The bargain bin

I love a good bargain and must admit was itching to buy a pair of Converse from the store. Alas, with my rucksack at bursting point and my back near breaking point, another purchase was just not on the cards. Shame.

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