Agung Inn Garden, Yogyakarta Review

The Agung Inn Garden Hotel is located a 5 minute walk from Prawirotaman street and a ten minute drive to the well known tourist area of Malioboro Road.

The large tiled outdoor swimming pool at Agung Inn Garden (no other guests used the pool – a bonus)

The reception area is located at the front of the building with two leather style armchairs around the check-in desk, just behind this is the lounge area complete with three large sofas and a television. Four bedrooms lead off from the main entrance and living room area along with two additional bedrooms in a separate building in the garden, overlooking the swimming pool. Breakfast is served on the covered outdoor patio overlooking the garden and swimming pool, from 7.30 – 11am and includes home made fruit pancakes, nasi goreng, mee goreng and omelettes along with tea, coffee or orange juice.

This 6 room hotel offers either double or twin bedrooms, all with air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms along with complimentary breakfast, Wi-Fi internet and use of the large swimming pool.

Our very spacious double room contained a double bed, two pillows and bedside tables with drawers. An open wardrobe sat in the corner of the room complete with ten clothes hangers and shelves for additional storage. A small desk with chair sat in the other corner of the room, along with a wall-mounted flat screen television. A useful addition to our room was a clothes horse – perfect for washing a few items of clothing or just for drying your swim wear after using the swimming pool.

Our large double bedroom at Agung Inn Garden

The en-suite bathroom consisted of a European style toilet with fitted spray hose, a sink with plenty of space for toiletries, behind which was a large fixed mirror, a towel rack with two large bath towels, a bath mat and a step-down open shower area.

The bathroom at Agung Inn Garden

Getting to the Agung Inn Garden Hotel
We had been staying at the Agung Inn on Prawirotaman Street, however due to being fully booked, we were given the option of staying at Agung Inn Garden for the same price. As part of this ‘deal’ we were also given a complimentary lift to the ‘Garden’ Hotel.

Agung Inn Garden Hotel is only a 5 minute walk from Prawirotaman Street, however it is though a ‘maze’ of side streets and alley ways. (Once you know where you are going it is very easy to remember the route). It does take much longer to get the Agung Inn Garden Hotel in a car, but most taxi cabs should know where it is. If there are any problems, I would suggest stopping at Agung Inn on Prawirotaman where the staff will be more than happy to help you find your way.

A Bluebird Taxi Cab in Bali

Whilst in Jakarta and also in Yogyakarta, we have tended to stick to using the Bluebird taxi cab group as they are generally trustworthy and reliable. However, many people also follow this rule, so in airports for example, you can have a long wait for a Bluebird taxi cab (we waited for 90 minutes for a Bluebird cab at Jakarta Airport).


  • The large swimming pool was a great addition to the hotel. As we seemed to be the only guests, it felt even more special having the pool to ourselves.
  • Even though this is a small hotel, our bedroom was one of the biggest we have stayed in during our six months in South East Asia. The extra space was another luxury as you weren’t tripping over your backpacks and rucksacks to get around the bedroom.
  • Just like the Agung Inn Hotel, we had access to complimentary hot and cold water along with tea, coffee and sugar. I think this is a wonderful touch, as we don’t always want to go out just to have a hot drink. In such lovely surroundings, it was nice to sit down with a cup of tea in the garden area without having to venture out of the hotel.
  • Some hotels that we have stayed in seem to give only one or two clothes hangers. As both of us live out of our backpacks, it is great to have somewhere to hang a few shirts, skirts and trousers, Agung Inn Garden gave us ten hangers, meaning we didn’t look totally crumpled every day.
  • We really enjoyed the calm surroundings of Agung Inn Garden. Although it is a little out of the way, this afforded peace and quiet at all times of the day and night.


  • Agung Inn Garden is a little bit out of the way. Staff do not speak much English, so finding your way back to Prawirotaman Street is a little difficult the first time. However, once you’ve found your way out of the maze of alleyways it is easy to remember the route to and from the hotel.

The Agung Inn Garden Hotel was a superb place to stay whilst in Yogyakarta. I would recommend it if you have more than a few days in Jogja, given it’s a little off the beaten track. We felt like the only guests, especially with sole use of the swimming pool. Our bedroom was very spacious, another huge bonus after staying in rooms where you end up falling over your rucksacks. Although the staff don’t speak much English, it’s easy to walk to the Agung Inn on Prawirotaman Street where they are only too happy to help. The best thing for me was, everything; the swimming pool and garden in particular.

Please click here for our video ‘un-boxing’ of our room at the Agung Inn Garden Hotel.

Check rates and availability for Agung Inn Garden Hotel.

Date of stay: 6th – 9th June 2013
Room type: Standard Double Room with air-conditioning
Cost per night (IDR): 250,000 including breakfast (special price for booking at Agung Inn)

Reservations can be made with, payment required during the booking process.
Bookings are taken via the ‘yogyes’ website.
We booked and paid with Visa card at Agung Inn Hotel on Jl Prawirotaman.

Address and Contact Details
Agung Inn Garden Hotel,
Griya Karanganyar G5,

Tel: (+62 ) 274 370553

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