Wang Sao Thong Waterfalls

Wang Sao Thong waterfall is located near Na Mueang in the South West of Koh Samui. Near to the more famous Nam Tok waterfalls and Wat Kunaram (home of Loung Pordang, a mummified Monk). It’s a wonderful area to walk around, take in the local flora and fauna and cool off with a dip in one of the many pools of this tiered waterfall.

Lamai Beach view in Koh Samui, Thailand

A short stop at Lamai Beach, en route from Bangrak to Wang Sao Thong Waterfalls

It can be hard to find (we drove past the side road twice), so follow the sign-posts from the main road 4169 and keep heading up the hill until you arrive at a small shack. You will know if you’re in the right place as near the shack is a sign attached to a tree for the waterfall. The shack sells drinks and offers the use of a toilet (for a fee of course). Exploring using a scooter or bike is the only way to get to this area, but be aware that as with most tourist spots, a fee of 20 baht must be paid to park your bike.
Views around Wan Sao Thong Waterfalls, Koh Samui, Thailand

Views on the walk up to Wan Sao Thong Waterfalls

A well trodden path snakes through the jungle, following the sound of the waterfall. After following the path for around 5 minutes, you will arrive at Wang Sao Thong. It is a little easier to follow the water to lower levels, with less undergrowth and clearer views. A clamber up, to higher areas of the falls is challenging but worthwhile, with a big pool to cool off in and large vines to re-enact that ‘Tarzan’ moment :)
View at the Wan Sao Thong Waterfalls, Koh Samui, Thailand

Mid-way up the Wan Sao Thong Waterfalls

A short drive further up the very steep hill will take you to a viewing platform and a restaurant, Phupha.

As we were rather hungry, we decided to stop for a cold drink and bite to eat. Phupha’s food was well prepared and presented, at a good price. The location and view across a small valley and cool breeze flowing through the restaurant, left us on a real high, after our little adventure.

View from Phupha Restaurant, past Wang Sao Thong Waterfalls, Koh Samui

Stunning view from Phupha Restaurant, past Wang Sao Thong Waterfalls

I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see on the island, however if you are in the area, or just a little fed up with the beach scene, then it’s a worthwhile visit and rather picturesque if you take the road up to the viewing platform or Phupha restaurant. It is a lot quieter than visiting the Nam Tok waterfalls, as they tend to be part of organised tour group’s itinerary.

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