Eating out on the Khao San Road, Bangkok

Dining out in the ‘Khao San’ area is by no means limited. This world famous backpacker district in Bangkok caters to every taste, just like the rest of the city. Unfortunately we had just a short time to explore Bangkok, however we can say with certainty that we will return this year and look forward most of all, to the superb street food on offer.

Various bugs, grubs and insects available on the Khao San Road

Go for anything but the bugs – so we’ve been told :)

Grubs, bugs and ‘creepy crawlies’ are all on offer around the Khao San Road and for the more adventurous, scorpions….
Great tasting corn on the cob with a dash of salt on the Khao San Road

Great tasting corn on the cob with a dash of salt on the Khao San Road

The best corn on the cob I’ve ever tasted, was purchased not far from the Khao San Road. Cooked over hot coals on this street vendors cart, then basted with herb butter and a final touch of salt to taste.
Whole Red Snapper - Khao San Road

Whole Red Snapper for 180 bht served with a HOT chilli, garlic and corriander sauce and deep fried basil leaves :)

A friend took us to this street side ‘restaurant’ in the Khao San area, owned by a man called Max (the Magician). Sat on small plastic stools and crammed in next to other diners, this place was a true ‘find’. The red snapper was so good that we returned the following evening for more.

Lets not forget to ubiquitous Phad Thai served from countless street carts, it is impossible to miss. An absolute must for anyone on the Khao San, just beware of the gunpowder chilli – it packs a serious punch!

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