Yija Hotel, Kuala Lumpur Review

The Yija Hotel comprises of 27 rooms over 3 floors and is located on Jalan Raja Laut, a short walking distance to both the Monorail and LRT stations. The ground floor includes a reception area, complete with sofas and armchairs, free daily newspapers (in Malay) and a drinks vending machine. The hotel offers a selection of twin and double rooms with a choice of standard, superior, business superior or deluxe.

Double Bedroom at Yija Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our small double bedroom at Yija

Our very small standard double room had a double bed with four pillows and the hardest mattress that either of us have ever encountered in our lives! There was a small working desk in the corner of the room with a flat screen television sat on top, complete with a high backed chair. An air-conditioning unit was situated above the bed, adjusted using a remote control. A small bedside table was located next to the desk, a telephone and two complimentary bottles of drinking water were placed on top. A small personal safe was positioned underneath the bedside table along with a rubbish bin.
Bedroom at Yija Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The rest of the bedroom at Yija

The en-suite room was similar to an aeroplane bathroom, with built in plastic sink and unit along with plastic walls and a European toilet with fitted spray hose. A small shower curtain separated the bathroom for ‘washing’ purposes. Two towels were provided along with a complimentary toiletries bag each, complete with slippers, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, shower cap and soap.

Getting to the Yija Hotel

Kuala Lumpur’s international airport (KLIA) is located quite a way outside of KL city. The best way to get into the city from the Low Cost Terminal (LCCT) is using one of the bus services to KL Sentral station. We used the Skybus company, which took around 50 minutes to get to KL Sentral at a cost of 9 RM per person. There is a train service from the main international terminal to the city centre, however the 20km bus trip between the low cost terminal (used by Air Asia) means that this option is only viable if you are flying into the main terminal. Choices for onward travel then include using the Monorail, LRT, taking another bus or a taxi to your desired destination.

Yija Hotel can be accessed using either the Monorail or the LRT. From the monorail station of Medan Tuanku, it is a 10 minute walk down the main road, past the Tune Hotel and onto Jalan Raja Laut street. From the LRT station of Sultan Ismail, follow the over road pedestrian bypass and head down Jalan Raja Laut, a short 5 minutes walk.

Taxis are of course available, however since Kuala Lumpur has such an efficient and cheap public transport system, it is generally easier and faster to use public transport, especially during rush hour, where taking a taxi may result in a longer journey time. We initially caught a taxi after taking the monorail to Medan Tuanku due to the heavy thunderstorm that we had suddenly found ourselves in. The driver didn’t really know where the hotel was and only stopped because I had seen it on the opposite side of the road. (I fear we would have paid a lot more to be driven round the block, had I not noticed the hotel). After this occasion we did not catch a taxi due to the sheer ease of use of the LRT and Monorail.


  • Yija is well located with easy access to public transport. It is walking distance to a small restaurant called Lotus (serving brilliant Indian and Malay cuisine, the tandoori chicken and kashmiri naan breads are superb) and two shopping malls / plazas each equipped with either KFC, McDonald’s or Pizza Hut. Street food tends to be available in the day time, but not after dark.
  • The price of a weeks accommodation, given we wanted to stay within easy access of the sights of the city was very good. Just don’t expect a lot for your money, but you will have a place to sleep and wash.
  • There are plenty of shops nearby for snacks and drinks, some are 24 hour – perfect when you run out of water or fancy a cold juice.


  • I have stayed in small rooms before, but this felt like a hotel for robots. The walls weren’t even at right angles and there was barely space for the two of us and our backpacks.
  • The mattress was extremely hard – not the most uncomfortable that we have ever encountered, but nevertheless the hardest that we have ever slept on (and we have stayed in a lot of hotels).
  • The bathroom was again tiny, but looked more like an aeroplane bathroom, totally encased in plastic, with a built in sink and toilet area. The shower curtain separated the bathroom for ‘washing’ use, but this made you feel even more claustrophobic.
  • Our room was not cleaned nor the beds made until we asked reception after our third day. After this, I noticed (due to stain on the bed sheet), that although the bed was made, the sheets were not changed.
  • After our first day trip, upon our return we found that our room key did not work. After talking reception, they had only given us access to our room for 24 hours, even though when we checked in, it was confirmed that our stay was for a total of 7 days (already pre-paid with Agoda)
  • Not mentioned when booking with Agoda, the hotel requires a 50RM deposit to be made, which will be returned upon check out and departure from the hotel. We were not able to pay by card and had to hand over what small amount of Ringgit we had (we had only just arrived in Malaysia).

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Kuala Lumpur and cannot wait to return to this vibrant city. However, we would not choose to return to the Yija Hotel. We have since found similarly-priced accommodation in even more central areas such as China Town and Bukit Bintang, and the Tune Hotel, located just around the corner, is even cheaper and more modern. The rooms were the smallest I have ever stayed in and the phrase “cannot swing a cat” really does apply. However, if all you need is somewhere to rest your head after exploring the city, it is reasonably-priced given the general cost of accommodation in Kuala Lumpur. The best bit for me: easy access to the LRT and Monorail stations affording good access to the major attractions in KL.

Click here for our video review or ‘un-boxing’ of our room at the Yija Hotel.

Check rates and availability at Yija.

Date of stay: 24th – 31st May 2013
Room type: Standard Queen Room with air-conditioning (no window)
Cost per night (RM): 105.62

50 RM cash only deposit required upon arrival and check-in, to be returned on check-out.
We paid with Visa on Agoda’s website after booking.

Address and Contact Details
Yija Hotel
290 Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: (+60 3) 2694 6666


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