Hai Au Hotel, Hoi An Review

The Hai Au Hotel consists of 33 rooms over four floors located on Cua Dai Street, a seven minute walk from the World Heritage listed site of Hoi An historical Old Town.

Double Bedroom at Hai Au Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam

Our double bed upon Check-In at the Hai Au Hotel

The ground floor includes a reception and waiting area, three computers (free for guest’s use), a large bookshelf and a large seating area. Six rooms lead off from the reception area towards the back of the hotel and past these is the swimming pool and courtyard area. The very enjoyable buffet breakfast is served in the adjoining restaurant and bar, facing Cua Dai street, from 6.30 to 9.30 am. The hotel offers a selection of standard and superior; twin, double and family rooms.

Our standard ground floor double room had a huge double bed (two queen sized beds pushed together, with no gap in between), two fluffy pillows and two smaller silk-covered cushions. A large wardrobe with four clothes hangers, drawer and cupboard space sat in one corner of the room. A bedside table came with built-in light switches, telephone and information folder (unfortunately empty) and above this a remote controlled air-conditioning unit. A small table and two chairs sat at the foot of the bed, and upon this we found hot water flask, cups and saucers, complimentary tea, coffee and bottled water and fresh flowers in a vase. The fridge was stocked with complimentary fresh fruit upon arrival, as well as the usual mini bar items of beer, coke, water and orange juice. A small satellite television was placed on top of the fridge, with a good selection of channels.

The Hai Au Restaurant, Hai Au Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam

The Hai Au Restaurant and front of the Hotel

The bathroom included a large sink with plug and mirror above, European toilet with fitted spray hose and a shower and bath with shower curtain. Plenty of towels were provided including two small hand towels, two large bath towels and a bath mat. Complimentary toiletries included soap, shower gel, shampoo, hair comb, cotton buds and toothbrush and toothpaste. On the back of the bathroom door was a clothes hook and a bag for laundry (35,000 VND per Kg – although Mrs Minh, who runs the small stall just outside the hotel, will wash your laundry for 20,000 VND per Kg; coming back clean and smelling wonderful the following day).

Getting to the Hai Au Hotel
We arrived into Da Nang and paid for a private taxi to take us directly to the hotel, this took around 40 minutes and cost us 200,000 VND (quotes can range from 200-500,000 VND).

The Hai Au hotel will collect you for free from the Hoi An bus station and can also arrange collection and drop-off from either the airport or train station at Da Nang upon request.

As with everywhere in Vietnam, be aware of taxi scams and use only Vina Sun or Mai Linh taxis as these are the most reputable.

Swimming Pool at Hai Au Hotel, Hoi An, Vietnam

The swimming pool at Hai Au Hotel

Do note that the hotel entrance is on a small alleyway leading off Cua Dai Street. There is a large neon sign with the hotel’s name right next to the restaurant and bar. Most taxis should know where this is, however staff will help you with your luggage if you are dropped at the restaurant rather than the reception area.


  • The buffet breakfast was great, with plenty of choice: western-style bacon, eggs and ham, omelettes cooked to order, Vietnamese noodle soup and Cao Lau, home-made mango, pineapple and banana pancakes (delicious), salad, breads, dumplings, rice, pasta and fresh fruit. The Hai Au breakfast really did set us up for the day. Tea, coffee, fruit juice and water were all available on the buffet table, allowing you to make your drink just as you like it and to return for refills. The pancakes were my favourite, with fresh fruit on the side.
  • All members of staff were friendly, helpful and efficient. We were greeted by name each time we entered reception. Our room was always spotless and even if we didn’t need anything, the staff would hand us fresh towels and complimentary water, tea and sugar each day.
  • Our room was very spacious and the bed, large to say the least. Upon arrival, fresh rose petals has been placed in a heart shaped pattern around swan-shaped towels that leaned together to create a heart shape; the time and detail that went into just that one welcoming feature really did impress us.
  • The room had very high ceilings and two large mosquito nets (we did not use these as we kept the air-conditioning on and windows closed at night). The large windows, also had separate wooden shutters attached to the outside, which we kept closed at night, but open in the daytime which flooded the room with light.
  • At first it seemed unusual not the be given a kettle along with the complimentary tea and coffee, however by taking the hot water flask to reception and having it re-filled, it gave you time to talk to the young ladies on reception and glean plenty of information on where to go and what to see in Hoi An. I was also given a small jug with milk for my tea after asking where I could buy milk from. The service from the staff really was superb.
  • The swimming pool and courtyard area were always kept clean, and a great place to relax in the sun or just to cool off by having a dip.


  • The cleaning staff didn’t replace any of the complimentary toiletries during our 15 day stay.
  • I am sure the staff were just being friendly and trying to practise their English skills, however on numerous occasions, comments were made at how ‘little’ we were doing during our time in Hoi An and how much time we spent in our room. Given that we are not just on holiday but working as travel writers during our time in South East Asia, it is not surprising that sometimes we just have to stay in and work. Equally, it shouldn’t matter as I am paying for the room and can therefore use it as much or little as I like.
  • On at least 6 occasions the electricity went down in the hotel. Although this does happen in most places in Vietnam on occasion, this was a lot more frequent. We were surprised to find that the hotel did not have a backup generator, given it is a regular occurrence.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Hai Au Hotel, finding it to be one of the best in terms of value for money, size of the room and service thus far during our stay in Vietnam. The rooms were a little dated yet charming, they were airy and very spacious and the beds large and comfortable. The service was impeccable, although how the staff managed to remember each guest’s name and room number is beyond me. The buffet breakfast was tasty and fresh and always set us up for the day. The location of Hai Au may be a ten minute stroll away from the ‘Old Town’, but it is very quiet and one of the few places that our sleep was not disturbed. The best bits for me, well to be honest, pretty much everything. I would highly recommend staying here whilst visiting Hoi An.

Rates and availability at the Hai Au Hotel, Hoi An.

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Click here to see the video ‘un-boxing’ of our bedroom upon check-in at the Hai Au Hotel. (This is not a sales video)

Date of stay: 2nd – 16th May 2013
Room type: Standard Ground Floor Double Room with air-conditioning
Cost per night (Vietnamese Dong): 585,000 including buffet breakfast

Cash payment is required upon departure and check-out.
We paid with Visa on Agoda’s website after booking.

Address and Contact Details
Hai Au Hotel,
576 Cua Dai Street,
Hoi An,
Tinh Quang Nam

Tel: (+84 ) 510 3914 577


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